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Success relies on humans - give them the tools to succeed

A solution for every need

Performance, culture and results rely on humans. For humans to perform efficiently and effectively we need to understand our own behaviors, preferences, challenges and strengths. Psychometric profiles are a highly effective tool to provide this self-awareness thereby empowering conscious decision making, effective relationships plus professional and personal growth.

Proxima Strategy offers psychometric profiles to suit individuals, teams, leaders/managers, sports people and teams and whole organizations. We are an authorized dealer for Everything DiSC and Athlete Assessments.


Everything DiSC

Culture, teamwork & results

Individuals, teams & organizations


Personal & workplace

Profile options:

- Workplace

- Management

- Work of Leaders

- Productive Conflict

- Agile EQ

- Sales


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Test Gorilla






Skill-based assessment tool for hiring. Custom select from 300+ scientifically-backed skills and personality tests. Choose from the top candidates - without having to rely on resumes.

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Athlete Assessments

Leveraging the people side sports performance

Athletes & sporting teams



Individual athletes or teams

Athlete Assessments provides three different types of DISC Profiles:

- Coach DISC

- Athlete DISC

- Sports Manager DISC

how we help you

For each option we manage for you:

  • Candidate set up on platform

  • Recommend which assessments, if you are not sure.

  • Set up online assessments.

  • Analysis of results.

  • Debrief of results to Hiring Manager, or participant, whichever is relevant.

  • For recruitment assessments we also provide a report to you with:

    • Candidate summary report

    • Results

    • Report with recommendations for interview/reject/hold, if requested.

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