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It's now who's on the team, it's how they work together

A great leader empowers their teams and achieves strategic results for the organization. Yet, no matter how good the leader, this remains a challenge when teams are not 'on the same page'.


Our qualified trainers and group facilitators work with your teams to overcome their unique barriers to success and assist them with communication, dispute resolution, awareness and development tools to achieve individual, team and organizational success.

These sessions supercharge the teams desire and ability to understand each others strengths, work together collaboratively, to communicate effectively and to focus on and achieve results.

Our sessions leverage the fundamentals of high performing teams, found by Google during Project Aristotle. The research found 5 elements, in priority order, are essential for high performing teams and organizations. 

5 elements of

high performing teams


Psychological safety






Give yourself and your teams the best chance at success.  


Leadership essentials

Coaching skills

High performing teams

Dispute resolution

Performance conversations


In person or online platform. 

Group Facilitation

This workshop gives everyone the skills and confidence to have great coaching style conversations at work, home and basically any situation in which you deal with humans. 

Ideal for:

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, technical people, basically anyone who wants to develop their people skills and learn how to influence higher performance. 


Either one day or two half day sessions. 

In person or online platform. 

Dispute Resolution

We're only human so workplace conflict is unavoidable.  Most people desire harmony, sometimes they just need a little help achieving it.  Our Mediators, Conflict Management Coaches and Group Facilitators help your team overcome challenges and get back to business.

Ideal for:

Individuals and teams with challenges communicating, getting along and achieving results because of it. 


In person or online platform. 

The smart way of doing business is building and fostering the teams who make magic happen for you.

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