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# 1 important skill for managers and leaders

Coaching empowers high performing people and organizations no matter the work environment, gender, technical level or culture

Coaching drives strategic success. It is essential for employee engagement, accountability, focus, collaboration, innovation and resilience. It supports deeper learning, greater responsibility and better workplace relationships. If you lead, manage or supervise people coaching is now an essential skill, and has been identified as the #1 important skill for managers.


The number one driver of high performing organizations is psychological safety and coaching is a key driver. For this reason, Google and other blue-chip organizations, boutique enterprises and military forces have implemented coaching cultures with great success.

Proxima Strategy, in collaboration with Open Door Coaching (Australia) offers coaching training to meet the needs of every individual and organization. 

CollaborationProxima Strategy is the trusted and licensed delivery partner for Open Door Coaching courses. Open Door Coaching is a registered training organization (provider number 21858 in Australia).  Open Door Coaching and Proxima Strategy are committed to ensuring you receive the highest quality coach training.

The High Performance Workplace Coaching Certificate, Advanced Coaching Certificate and Coaching Culture Certificate are all accredited with the International Coaching Federation in collaboration with Open Door Coaching. 

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Leader as Coach​ Workshop

Learn coaching skills 

This workshop gives everyone the skills and confidence to have great coaching style conversations at work, home and basically any situation in which you deal with humans. 

Learn how to use coaching skills to influence higher performance, find solutions not just problems, ask better questions and get to the bottom of issues, increase productivity and effectiveness, keep people accountable and drive results. Know when to use coaching skills, when not to, and deliver performance conversations. 

Ideal for:

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, technical people, basically anyone who wants to develop their people skills and learn how to influence higher performance. 


Either one day or two half day sessions. 

In person or online platform. 

Advanced Coaching Certificate

Take your coaching skills to the next level


This certificate course goes ‘behind the scenes’ of high performance to unpack how people achieve their results. You can learn how to transform mindsets and behaviours to achieve high performance.


Informed by neuroscience and neuro-linguistic programming methodologies, will give you the opportunity to thoroughly immerse yourself in a deeper level of coaching. This will make a difference to yourself and others.

Ideal for:

This program is great for the experienced coach who already has coaching qualifications or credentials, and who wants to learn new tools.

ICF Coach Specific Training Hours.

* In collaboration with Open Door Coaching (Australia).  

High Performance Workplace Coaching Certificate

Become an accredited Coach

This course provides a complete toolkit to enable coaching conversations with individuals and teams in your workplace. It provides tools and frameworks that can be utilized in a diverse range of practical workplace scenarios. Learn effective communication and building strong relationships; coaching through change; reframing negative behaviors; having feedback conversations and a deeper level of coaching around values, attitudes and beliefs. You will have the opportunity to learn about yourself and grow and develop your coaching skills and make a significant difference to people around you. 

Ideal for:  

You want to empower high performance in yourself and others and gain a coaching qualification. 


Five day workshop + approx 14 hours in your own time. 

In person or online platform. 

ICF Coach Specific Training Hours:  60 hours. 

* In collaboration with Open Door Coaching (Australia).  

Coaching Culture Certificate

Do more than just coach, change the culture


The Coaching Culture Certification provides you with the framework to implement a culture of coaching within your workplace. Based on best practice, it takes a strategic view of coaching plus allows time to dig into the detail, with practical implementations.

During the Certification, learn from and work with people who, like you, are championing coaching within the workplace . Learn from the CEO of Proxima Strategy who implemented a coaching culture for the Royal Australian Air Force, one of the largest in-house coaching programs in Australia. 

Ideal for:

People who want to drive change and/or are responsible for planning, implementing and sustaining a culture of coaching within your organization. 

ICF Coach Specific Training Hours.

* In collaboration with Open Door Coaching (Australia).  

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