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Leading edgeprogram

An innovative talent development program driving results across the globe

Every person in your organization drives the success, or failure, of strategic outcomes.

Ensure individual, team and organizational success with the Leading Edge talent development program.

Accepting 2024 cohorts now

leading edge program

Your organization exists for a reason. You probably have an outstanding vision, mission and strategy. You expect results and you deserve results. Your results are 100% dependent on the people within your organization - every single person. For success, you need every one of those people thinking, behaving and performing in a manner that aligns with your strategy.


In reality, this is rare. Research from Gallup says that 51% of employees are disengaged. This is horrendous insight. Disengagement creates a toxic work culture, poor results and high staff turnover.

This is where we step in and help. At Proxima Strategy, we exist to make your people, teams and whole organization work together like a well oiled machine.

Each year Proxima Strategy works deploys the Leading Edge talent development program with future thinking, results driven organizations.  The Leading Edge is a three layer approach to talent development, focused on individuals, leaders and managers plus those at the top.

Lead yourself


(most people)

Leading teams

Leaders & Managers

Lead the organization

Directors / C Suite


Develop a pipeline of leaders ready to step up

Past participants loved it!

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