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Creating effective workplaces with people solutions

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We exist to help your organization overcome the people challenges that get in the way of results.


High Performance Coaching Certificate

Next Abu Dhabi dates:

22 - 26 May 2023

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Train to be an accredited Coach

It's not who's on the team,

it's how they work together.

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1,920 hours wasted, per year, on conflict in the average team of 10.

$500 billion lost revenue due to disengaged employees.

80% of employees are disengaged.

67% of strategic initiatives fail.


Organizations with high performing cultures lead to four times larger revenue growth.


Companies with high engaged people are 21% more profitable.


Psychological safety is the single most important factor when in explaining high performance in teams.

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​"Talent is extremely important.

It is like a sports team, the team with the best individual play will often win,

but then there is a multiplier from how those players work together

and the strategy they employ."

Elon Musk

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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