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We developthe people and teamsthat drive success

Empowering performance, culture and results

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"If I had this training a few years ago I would have already reached my goals."

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Why work with us

Every human has the ability and power to be their best. Every team can be collaborative, effective and enjoy working together. Every workplace wants, and deserves to be successful.

At Proxima Strategy, we make this a reality. We work with individuals, teams and senior leaders. We drive performance, culture and results by developing people to be their best.


We use a dynamic mix of coaching, training and dispute resolution to ensure your people are motivated, self-aware, excellent communicators, resilient and focused. Our tools are powerful to create change yet simple enough to work with people from any field, gender and culture.

Our CEO, Anita Green, is one of the most experienced coaching program managers across the globe. She was responsible for the significant growth and success of the largest in-house coaching programs in Australia; the Royal Australian Air Force.  Anita is dedicated to coaching individuals and teams, training others to be coaches and the design and implementation of cultural change programs for organizations. 

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